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Lessons From The Past

It's advantageous to deconstruct the two major crisis of the 21st century that proceed the pandemic in order to ascertain whether there are both mistakes and lessons that can be identified then so as not to repeat these mistakes again today.

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The Climate vs. Inflation

For the first time in the history of mankind, our leaders in 2020 attempted to sever the historical connection between the labor (productivity) that they had outlawed and the value (money) that derives from the labor.

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A Century of Sloth and Incompetence

Within each crisis contains lies that have a very long time and for good reason. But they also contain lessons. In the modern era, lies cannot sustain indefinitely and can only be ignored for so long before the truth asserts herself.

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The Media Is Not Your Friend

You must not only ignore the news, but trade against it. When you behave contrary to the existing prevailing narratives, you both align yourself with truth and move contrary to the consensus. Which can only lead you to success.

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Muppets on Parade

A collective lack of wisdom, experience, perspective and self-discipline from the younger demographic may now be contributing at least some amount to this most recent market dip, and pulling the rest of us all down with them.

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A New Generation

We all assume that financial markets have risen dramatically post-COVID because a lot of new, sophisticated (and trending young) investors with their superior intellect have entered the market and uncovered new value in the form of great, undervalued companies. They have not.